TAMKO’s Jay Humphreys: A Natural Salesman

Jay Humphreys, former President of TAMKO Building Products, Inc., led the company for 33 years. Before assuming leadership of TAMKO, Jay worked as a salesman for National Cash Register, selling accounting machines.

First, Jay worked for the company in Wichita, Kansas, then in Jefferson City, Missouri. Though he was doing well for himself there, he transferred to Joplin, Missouri when he met his wife Ethelmae. In doing so, he gave up the sizeable commission he earned for selling to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Jefferson City.

Jay then went on to become TAMKO’s President after the passing of TAMKO’s founder and Ethelmae’s father, E.L. Craig. While Jay didn’t have experience in the roofing business, his skill and expertise as a salesman helped him succeed in this new role.

Jay’s sales experience was immediately reflected in how TAMKO’s sales staff operated. Once he became President, Jay gave TAMKO’s salesmen the authority to decide product prices on the spot to close a sale. He also organized the company’s sales regions into territories and hired experienced sales managers from other roofing manufacturers. He moved all sales jobs from commission-based to salaried positions.

“He was a good salesman but more of a marketer than a salesman,” said Leland Brown, TAMKO’s former Executive Vice President and a longtime friend of Jay. “Strategic planning and marketing. That was his area of incomparable strength. The planning of where we wanted to go and how we were going to get there, that was Jay.”

College Students Gain Important Knowledge & Work to Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap as TAMKO Interns

shutterstock_119151946As summer interns at TAMKO Building Products Inc., several college students were exposed to the manufacturing field and gained real-life experience and valuable knowledge in 2015. The 10 interns worked in the fields of engineering, research and development, accounting and production at the various TAMKO facilities in Joplin and Webb City, Missouri. TAMKO is one of the largest privately-owned manufacturers of residential and low-slope roofing products in the country.

According to the Manufacturing Institute, 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled over the next 10 years. However, due to the manufacturing skills gap, 2 million of those jobs are expected to go unfilled. There is a manufacturing skills gap because the skills of available workers do not match the skills that many manufacturing jobs of today demand, such as engineering, research and development, skilled trades and production. Through working in the manufacturing sector and gaining knowledge and experience, TAMKO’s summer interns worked to close this skills gap.

Landor Taylor worked as an engineering intern at TAMKO’s High Street manufacturing facility in Joplin. He said the internship opportunity has allowed him to learn a lot about manufacturing and has helped him gain the valuable skills he will need to be successful in his career.

Theresa Dohmen, who worked as a rewinder process technician intern at TAMKO’s Rangeline manufacturing facility also gained valuable knowledge and real-world experience. “Production work takes a lot of skill and the knowledge that I’m gaining this summer is invaluable for my future,” Dohmen said.

For TAMKO President and CEO David Humphreys, his first job involved working on a shingle production line during his summer break from college.

“That experience was about more than just learning a process,” Humphreys said about his work at TAMKO’s High Street manufacturing facility. “It was gaining a direct familiarity of the skills that it takes to accomplish the task, along with the hard work, dedication, and quality that goes into producing TAMKO products.”

TAMKO’s summer interns worked throughout the summer and have returned to college for the fall semester.

Improving Your Home

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner of 30 years or a brand new one, it’s always important to make sure your home is in good condition.  Many homeowners make the mistake of not staying on top of maintenance for all the parts of their home because of how time consuming and exhausting it can be.  This is understandable because life can keep all of us very busy at times and leave us without enough time to do everything.  But home upkeep should be at the top of your list, because small problems which aren’t costly to fix or avoid in the beginning, can quickly become major ones if you don’t deal with them.  Let’s examine some home improvement tips and care that could save from you major headaches later on.

Attic Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation is important for two reasons.  One, it will help keep your house more comfortable during the summer by allowing the hot air to leave the building.  Two, it will guard against the moist, hot air from gathering there in the winter.

Some may tell you that having ventilation for your attic will let cold air into your home, but your attic is sealed off from the rest of your living space as long as you have a door and insulation surrounding it, so you don’t need to worry.  Without ventilation in your attic you will have a couple problems during the winter.  The first one was mentioned above with the moist air gathering.  This air, if it lingers, can condense on the underside of the roof and rot it.  The other issue is ice dams.  When warm air collects on the underside of the roof, it can cause the snow to melt.  This snow creates runoff that goes to the bottom of the roof and then refreezes on the colder eaves.  This creates ice dams which can block water and force it under shingles. Ice dams can result in serious water damage to a home.

Attic Ventilation Solution

Providing ventilation to your roof isn’t all that hard.  You can install Soffit vents which come in different sizes and shapes.  Some quick measuring, and chalk lines with your desired vents will show you where to make the cuts with your circular saw.  Then all you need to do is cut and install. Ridge venting is also helpful and TAMKO’s Rapid Ridge Vent is a self-contained, nail gun installable, ridge-vent product which can be installed along the ridge of the roof and will be hidden by the shingles making it nearly invisible to onlookers.  This can help provide ventilation to the entire attic area. Ventilation is an important part of preventing ice dams, increasing the lifespan of your shingles and protecting your roof from mold.  So make sure yours is up to par.

Three Tips for the Perfect Summer Backyard Party


Can you believe summer is already here? It seems like only yesterday that we were shoveling our cars out of snow-covered driveways. If you’re a homeowner, you know one of the best parts of summer is a backyard BBQ party.  But putting on a good outdoor party takes a lot of work. If you want to make sure your backyard is ready and your guests have a good time, here are three things to keep in mind:

Where Are You Going to Have It? We all know that location matters, so what makes for a great spot for your outdoor party?  One idea is to have it on your deck. A deck provides a great spot for people to congregate and provides a long-term outdoor entertainment solution. Don’t have a deck? TAMKO Building Products offers a unique wood-plastic composite option called Evergrain Envision. The Envision series offers homeowners a low-maintenance solution that mimics the look of high-grade wood, but with much less upkeep. Envision decks come in many different colors and patterns that make them truly stand out.

When Are You Going to Have It? You can’t control the weather, right? While that’s certainly true, you can help yourself out by reviewing the extended forecast to see if there are probable storms that may come to your region. Although you can’t avoid the passing random thunderstorm that can sometimes happen during the summer, if it looks like it’s going to rain hard the weekend of your party, you may want to reschedule. At the very least, have a backup plan ready to go.

Brighten Up the Backyard with Colors: Treat your exterior as you would your interior when it comes to decorating. Bring the colors of summer to your deck or patio through your patio furniture. Try a yellow or orange pattern for your patio furniture cushions or umbrella. Additionally, be sure to decorate your outdoor space with flowers, plants, and other vegetation that are present in summer.

Summer is here. Are you ready for it? If you’re thinking about getting a new deck for your outdoor space to host the best BBQ party in the neighborhood, choose TAMKO.